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Cleaning cigarette butts from sand? The SANDCLEANR does it.


Our beaches are polluted with huge amounts of litter. To clean this all up in a simple way, Clean Fountain has developed the SANDCLEANR.

With this user-friendly lightweight product even the smallest litter, including cigarette butts, can be quickly and thoroughly removed from the sand.

And the great thin is: the sand stays on the beach and not in the trash.

  • Easily removes small litter
  • Easy to use and hygienic
  • Durable lightweight construction
  • Length-adjustable handle
  • No maintenance
  • Time-saving
  • Dutch Design

For whom?

Initially, the SANDCLEANR was developed to collect and clean up litter on beaches. In addition, the SANDCLEANR is also excellent for cleaning the sand in sandboxes, playgrounds and other recreational areas.
Clean Fountain supplies products and solutions to municipalities, schools and kindergarden, the recreation sector, sports clubs, catering establishments and cleaning companies.

Regular use of the SANDCLEANR assures you to have an attractive, clean and safe work and recreation environment.



In addition to the SANDCLEANR, Clean Fountain has also developed various other products.
The SANDCLEANR XL for the larger quantities of waste, is currently being developed.
To easily remove waste from surface water, the WATERCLEANR will soon be available.
And what do you do with the cleared waste? That’s what the CLEANWALKR is for. A sturdy and comfortable mobile garbagebag-holder in which you immediately can put the waste that has been cleaned up with the SANDCLEANR. Because it is tied to a belt, you have both hands free, which eases your work considerably. The CLEANWALKR is available in the shop in a standard version for any garbage bag or with a recycled Clean Fountain bag.

Created by Clean Fountain

To clean litter from the beach in a simple way, Clean Fountain has developed the SANDCLEANR. With this user-friendly tool, even the smallest litter, such as cigarette butts, can be removed from the sand quickly and thoroughly. Read more…